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Track 02. The Imperial Dragon – Epic Collection #1

Music Composed by Arthur Muramoto Hayashi (a.k.a: “Animarthur”)

    ::Features of this music/Instruments::

  • 00:00-00:09 Elders praying in the temple. (Emphasis: Percussion).
  • 00:09-00:26 The Dynasty, Passing through the gates, an ancient village and flying over the kingdom. (Emphasis: Shakuhachi, Sarangi and Strings)
  • 00:26-00:55 Preparing for battle, the enemy approaches, war formations. (Emphasis: Japanese/Chinese Percussion, Shakuhachi, Taiko, Brass and Strings)
  • 00:55-01:30 Memories of the past, the conflict is about to begin. (Emphasis: Sarangi, Strings and Women’s Choir)
  • 01:30-02:18 Allies join the imperial army against the enemy, a flame of hope. (Emphasis: Koto, Strings, Sarangi, Women’s Choir, Percussion and Shakuhachi)
  • 02:18-02:36 Silence, the time is over. (Emphasis: Women’s Choir, Strings and Percussion)
  • 02:36-02:45 Snow, War during the blizzard, fog in the background and despair. (Emphasis: Women’s Choir)
  • 02:45-03:11 The Battle, Flying over the battlefield, Towards the victory, Grand Finale. (Emphasis: Women’s Choir, Percussion, Koto, Brass and Strings)

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