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Top Ten Key Showing Best Rated In Charts

Promote your upcoming projects, games or videos with this high quality heroic track made by the Symphony. This epic orchestral composition was especially designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an epic climax, this track covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest!

Purchase includes 4 version, all in MP3 & WAV

• The Essence of Courage Fast Trailer – 0:35 (at the preview 0:00 – 0:35)
• The Essence of Courage FULL – 3:39 (at the preview 0:35 – 4:12)
• The Essence of Courage SHORT TWIST – 0:14 (at the preview 4:12 – 4:26)
• The Essence of Courage BACKGROUND MUSIC LOOP – 0:41 (at the preview 4:26 – 5:07)

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Large Orchestra Logo
Romantic Cinematic
Bombastic Epic Intro
Powerful Dramatic Intro

Top Ten Key Showing Best Rated In Charts Top Ten Key Showing Best Rated In Charts Top Ten Key Showing Best Rated In Charts

Videohive authors are more than welcome to use this preview for their videohive projects. Please post the link in your item description and let me know about release. Thank you!

Buyers I ask you for the link or the title so I can know where my music is used and be proud of it :) Please take a moment to contact me