The Abduction of Persephone



This is an atmospheric ambient soundtrack which takes the listener into an atmosphere which is quite eerie, desolate and scary. It can be used for background music or underscoring in video games, videos or perhaps even your real-life Halloween-event!

The track starts off rather peaceful and warm, with an Armenian duduk playing a beautiful melody. There’s a positive and dreamy, summery atmosphere in the background and the birds are singing cheerfully. When the duduk has finished playing, the atmosphere has already changed for a little bit. It is somewhat less positive now. The birds are going at unease. When the atmospheric transition has completed, a loud cracking of the earth will be heard from which Hades comes. You’ll hear a chariot and the whining and footsteps of his horse. Persephone starts to breath heavily. Hades starts speaking to her in a very low/deep indistinctive voice. He then grabs her and takes her down the earth. A lighter cracking of the earth is to be heard again. As they descend downwards to the realm of Hades, the underworld, the atmosphere changes again. Persephone starts to cry, and demonic creatures are slowly being introduced. The track ends in the underworld.

This track is based upon a Greek myth about the goddess Persephone who gets abducted to the underworld by Hades. Enter the old, mythical world, on a sunny day. Persephone is gathering flowers for the upcoming celebration of summer. The weather is great and the birds are singing cheerfully – all is at ease. What a wonderful celebration this is going to be. The folk is prospering well with the recent harvest. When Persephone is about done picking her flowers, she feels a change in the air. “What’s that rumbling?” She notices the singing birds changing their song; they no longer sing cheerfully, but rather distressed. At unease she looks around, but there’s nothing to see. Just as she heads back to town she feels a strong shaking of the earth. The birds go from their distress to quiet and the atmosphere goes darker. With a loud cracking sound the earth nearby her is splitting apart. From it comes Hades, with his chariot and infernal horse. The lord of the Underworld! Hades approaches her and tells her she’s to be condemned to come with him to the underworld for all eternity. Persephone is grabbed by Hades onto his chariot, and down the earth they go; to the underworld where she is to become a goddess.


This soundtrack is delivered in two file formats: a high quality WAV-format (industry standard 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz) and a high quality MP3-format (320kBs stereo). The total number of files is thus 2.

  • tmbhlwn_the_abduction_of_persephone.wav/.mp3: 5 minutes

Tombstone Halloween Collection

This soundtrack is part of Tombstone Halloween Collection, which contains a total of 5 atmospheric ambient sound tracks, where every track brings yet another eerie, desolate and scary atmosphere. Every track has its own unique setting and story to tell. Every track in the collection has a length of exactly 5 minutes making for a total length of 25 minutes! Through fading in and out at the beginnings and endings of the tracks, they can be overlapped with any of the other tracks in the collection for continuous playback or constant and smooth changing of scenery.



If you need an altered version of this item, e.g. another tempo, another key, or a specific stem, then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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