“Tech News” – tech, modern, futuristic, electronic and corporate background music. Rhythmic melody of digital synthesizer, fast and emphasizing drums, catchy background effects and deep bass give this track a modern, technical and scientific temper. Music of high technologies, will be good for presentation of innovative new products, branding, corporate concentration, science and technology videos.

The file includes:

  1. Main song full length – 2:14 min. (Tech_News.wav)
  2. Short loop 1 – 0:52 min. (Tech_News_loop1.wav) from 2:14 on the preview
  3. Short loop 2 – 0:35 min. (Tech_News_loop2.wav) from 3:07 on the preview
  4. Short loop 3 – 0:35 min. (Tech_News_loop3.wav) from 3:42 on the preview

Where you can use it

  • Technology video
  • Gadgets commercials
  • TV advertisement
  • Hi-tech documentaries
  • Technical and scientific projects
  • New product or a brand presentation
  • And “whatever you want” projects ;)

Thanks a lot for buying my music, I am really appreciate this.

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