let your work connect with the hearts and minds of your visitors with royalty free musicTake Me Away’ is a high quality urban pop beat with R&B influences. The cosy pad chords in combination with the live acoustic percussion is what make this production unique, catchy and memorable. Ideal for singer/songwriters, commercials or artist performances. If you are looking for a distinctive pop sound, than you are on the right place with this piece of instrumental audio.

download includes unique, catchy and memorable pop song
  • Take Me Away – MP3 (3:54)
  • Take Me Away – WAV (3:54)
extra looped audio versions which will properly fit into every project
  • Take Me Away (Looped Audio) – MP3 (0:21)
  • Take Me Away (Looped Audio) – WAV (0:21)

NOTE: All audio files are high-end composed and produced especially for commercial use. The download comes with an extra looped audio version, but if you still need some changes regarding to the lenght of your project, please let us know.

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