Sweet Litle Ad is a song in two short and three long versions to match your advertisement, film or movie perfectly.
The happy and cheerful main theme is played by a pizzicato violin, accompained by a harp.
In the long versions there begins a acoustic brush drum and a double bass playing after rhe first theme. Choose your favorite version with or without the chimes and harp glissando sound.

-Sweet Little Ad short (short with Bell & Harp) 0:29
-Sweet Little Ad long (long Version with Bell & Harp Glissando) 1:46
-Sweet Little Ad short – no bell (short no Bell) 0:29
-Sweet Little Ad long – no bell no harp gliss (long Version no Bell & no Harp Glissando) 1:46
-Sweet Little Ad long – no bell (long Version no Bell) 1:46

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further versions or variations! Small changes you would get without additional costs!

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