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as usual mate , Fabulous ;)

Cheers Zen! Knew you’d approve! ;)

Great track! I really like the subtle synth counter melody in the background! :)


Thanks Gari :) The background synth sound is actually made from a sample of a child’s flute my girlfriend got me in Marrakesh. Was just an ornament until now!

Hello, It is a nice song. Actualy I would need something like this for my video project. The problem is that I would need a longer version (about 4 minutes). I guess I am out of luck here. :) Or is it possible to loop it somehow? In general – is it allowed to somehow loop or adjust the audio files that I purchase here? Does it not violate the licence? Thanks. :) Jakub


Hi Jakub,

Thanks for getting touch and for the kind words, it’s most appreciated. :)

I don’t have an extended or looped version of this track uploaded to AudioJungle right now, but I do have a 58 second looping version that I can send over to you. If you decide to purchase the license, email me via my profile page (http://audiojungle.net/user/AlumoAudio) and once you’ve purchased it, I can email it over to you.

Also, for future reference, it’s perfectly acceptable to edit the track to fit your project without being affecting by the license terms. Hope this helps!

Many thanks,

Matt Harris

Composer & Producer // AlumoAudio


I’ve actually just purchased this song and I’ve downloaded the main files, the zip folder, but whenever I try extracting the contents it doesn’t allow me to do so. It says the zip is invalid, please help and I’ll happily provide you with the license that I bought just tell me where to send it to. Do you have a looped version of this? If so could you send it over?

Thanks, Kyle Gutierrez


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for getting in touch and for purchasing my music, it’s most appreciated.

I’ve just checked the file at my end, but it’s seems to open with no troubles, so I’m not too sure what the problem may be. May I suggest that you attempt to re-download the file from your ‘Downloads’ section and attempt to unzip and see if that works.

Also, I do have separate a looped version of this track I can send over to you, but I’ll need your email address. Please send me an email via my profile page here (bottom, right of page) and I can send the files over to you. There’s no need to provide the license as I can see from my records that you have purchased the file.

Hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you.


Matt Harris // AlumoAudio

Great music. I used it in one of my client’s project and they loved it. I was wondering how am I able to link the license to my project because there were no information on the license itself that states which project/product was the song used on.


Hi, thanks for the purchase and for the kind words, it’s most appreciated! :)

Licenses that are purchased are not and cannot be linked to specific projects, but they do contain a purchase code that is unique to you, to show that you have the necessary rights to use the music within your project.

The contents of the license certificate can also be used to prove commercial use rights, such as on YouTube for video monetisation or for clearing copyright notices.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me directly via my profile page if you have any other questions.

Many thanks,

-Matt / AlumoAudio