Stylish House Music Pack 2

Massive electronic music pack or collection that created specially for your projects. 6 Trendy, catchy and originally items in electro, futuristic, progressive, dirty dutch, disco and melodic house styles without any long intros or boring breakdowns, just crazy action and unstoppable vibe! You will find here:

- stylish electro, dirty acid and warm progressive bass lines

- pompous strong drums and unique synthesizer sounds

- catchy melodies and crazy rhythms

- wide melodic strings and exciting lead drops

- morphing and changing sounds from other electronic styles

- and much more

1. Electro Rave Party: 1:33

2. Good Feelings Electronic Tune: 2:22

3. Cosmic Dance House: 2:11

4. Pompous Progressive House: 2:22

5. Dirty Dutch House Tune: 2:50

6. Trendy Electro House Loop 2 (3 in 1): 1:33

Perfectly will approach for soundtrack or background music to some advertising video, action film trailer, sport games. Also good for every day listening. All works that includes in this music pack, you can buy separately. Enjoy!

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