A bright and optimistic track, with simple melodic lines expressing a lot of positivity and happiness. The main theme is played on a piano, two other themes are played on a sweet sounding synth lead. They are accompanied with delicate rhytm guitar and piano chords, with quiet synth pads in background, bass and drums. This happy music can suggest some naive optimism in listener, which can be useful in an advertisement or commercial presentation, but it also might be suitable for a wedding video.

This track is available in both MP3 and WAV formats, and in both looped and faded out versions. The archive contains following files:

2:56 – SpringtimeHappiness_fade.mp3
2:56 – SpringtimeHappiness_fade.wav
2:56 – SpringtimeHappiness_loop.mp3
2:56 – SpringtimeHappiness_loop.wav

I’m working on a beautiful and sophisticated music video using 3D animation composited with life action footage but it takes literally years to make. Here is just a preview how it will look like when finished:


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