This is progressive trance track with pumping dance beat, synths, orcestral elements, piano and other instruments.
Dreamy trance inspiring melodies, emotional and modern, that gives feeling of something warm, magical, airy, and tight pumping beat that make it energetic and powerful.

And, I made some variations:
Orcestral Breakdown (starts at 2:45 in preview)—there are orcestral elements of breakdown, warm strings, violin, and a little bit percussive sounds for atmosphere.
Trance Loop (starts at 3:46)—there are main synth melody with percussion but without pumping kick and snare drums. Sounds soft, warm and calming.
Trance Piano Loop (starts at 4:15)—same melody played on piano with quiet synth pad on back. No drums.
Full Loop (starts at 4:43)—loop with melody and beat.

List of included files:

  • Sky Stream – 2:44
  • Orcestral Breakdown – 1:01
  • Trance Loop – 0:27
  • Trance Piano Loop – 0:27
  • Full Loop – 0:27