This is a short metal loop, with an aggressive and “powerful” mood that can be used as background music in videos, short presentations, games, videogames, trailers, extreme sport teasers, web video, or in any application where high energy and strong feel is needed.

For your convenience you will find 4 files in the zip file.

1) “complete”: this is the short song “as recorded”, it plays just once from the beginning to the end. It is not meant to be looped but played one time. This is the one you listen in the demo (0:23)

2) “intro”: to be used as an intro, i.e. the first clip to be played. After this you can play the loop part. (0:22)

3) “loop”: the looped part. If you play this clip immediately after the “intro” part it will seamlessly loop. you can play the “loop” part as many times as you want, in order to get a backgound music as long as needed. (0:21)

4) “end”: this is meant to be played immediately after the “Loop” clip. In this way you can end the short song in a convenient way. (0:03)

If you have problems or want to me to “assemble” a song of a given duration just contact me. It will be arranged for free!

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