This package consists of a sentimental piano and piano-orchestral tracks. All tracks are very tender, soft, melodious, harmonious ideal for websites, advertising, television, photography and video, movies, movies and more.

This package presented the following tracks:

Becoming:(1:21) This track is very soft and gentle, with a smooth transition with a piano solo. It is perfect for photo, video, photo slideshows, family movies, commercials, YouTube videos, websites, travel videos and more.

Discovery: (2:05) This track is powerful, at times haunting solo piano. Illustrates progress and discovery with a growing melody.

Ray of light:(2:30) This track is very lyrical, dramatic, but it is very sentimental and romantic. It is perfect for a website, video, movie, film, screen, advertising, photo and video albums, and more. This tracks used: piano, choir, strings, cello and classic drums (timpani).

Tender Love:(2:27) This track is very sentimental, romantic and tender in the performance of piano and violins. It is perfectly podaydet for family photos, videos, movies and more.

All the tracks inn Wav (16-Bit Stereo, 44.1kHz) and Mp3 (320kbps) formats.

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