Sentimental Hop Pack – 4 Sentimental Hip-Hop instrumentals for your lyrics/rapping for half price in this pack. Only on Audiojungle!!!

The Main File Include (Wav-Mp3):

1. A Masked Ball - 1:58 (92 bpm)
The combination of classical elegiac melodies with strong modern bit. Acoustic image is strong enough to encourage us to upgrade its visual consciousness: a picture of a modern Baroque ball…
2. Angel - 3:30 (96 bpm)
Modern hip-hop love song with strings, piano and powerful drums.
3. Missy - 2:37 (70 bpm)
Emotional hip-hop beat, dedicated to one special person which I miss … You tell your own story…
4. Loneliness - 1:59 (99 bpm)
In loneliness, when all fears emerge… Loneliness – A sentimental hip hop beat.

Each track can be purchased separately, or the whole package for half price! :)

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Thanks for purchasing and rating! :)
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