NikiN Sci Pack

This is a 4 track pack, containing music suitable for science related projects (videos, documentary, websites, podcast, etc). They can work for medical related stuff, as well as SF/space related shows, providing a top notch background score for interviews with scientist explaining baffling and miraculous facts about our planet or the human mind and body.

Have a look at the tracklist:

1. The Architect 2:49

Slow, tech piece, based on plenty electro sounds and bells. It’s both atmospheric and yet intriguing. It could be a suitable soundtrack for a video of someone designing or building something. Because of this I really recommend it for tutorials and ‘how-to’ videos. The dreamy mood makes the track also quite suitable for space or science shows and documentaries. It might add the perfect background to stuff related to doctors and medical research.

2. Underwater Miracles 2:39

A slow ambient piece, with a haunting bells melody and deep pads, creating an underwater feel. This is suitable for documentary projects related to ocean fauna or other wonderful things found in the never-ending world of the seas. Could also work for yoga or other things/activities which require a meditative philosophical piece.

3. Patient Zero 2:47

This is an ambient-tech electro track, with deep bass sequences and eerie synth melodies, a perfect background for numerous science-oriented projects. This could work very well for a video illustration of the way a virus gets transmitted, an invisible danger, forever multiplying and mutating, spreading all over the globe at unstoppable rates, be it by a simple touch or via a fomite. It would also be useful for videos and projects related to scientific discoveries and research, the mood here being one of progression and development, but on a serious, solemn level, with hardly any hope.

4. Lab Work 2:03

This is a more upbeat track, suitable for dynamic research scenes, where scientists know exactly what to do and they are excited about the possible outcome. It’s also suitable for videos about factories, showing how something gets made, with absolute precision, by futuristic machines and devices.

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