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An indie/pop/rock track filled with catchy guitar licks, groovy basslines, stomping drum rhythms and the odd retro synth line.

The track begins quite calmly with the main melody played on a delayed electric guitar, backed by a simple bassline and drum riff combo, soon accompanied by an ambient lead guitar line. At 0:32 these musical ideas are built upon, with the ambient lead now distorted and harmonised with another guitar. An off beat rhythm guitar also enters at this point, giving this section a very Kings of Leon feel – This is what could be described at the ‘main section’. After a short break down builds a little tension, at 1:12 a catchy drum groove, bassline and several delayed guitars make up a Foals / The Smiths style segment. This leads nicely into an even groovier version of the main section starting at 1:48, featuring some disco style distorted bass. Following this part, the track steadily builds to a close, with the distorted guitar riffs and melodies swapped out for some delayed guitar and synth lines; giving it an MGMT / Empire of the Sun feel. ‘Sailing to Jupiter’ concludes with melodic echoes fading into the distance.

Sounds a bit like: Foals, Kings of Leon, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, The Cure, The Smiths, Temper Trap, The Black Keys, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, And So I Watch You From Afar…

Ideal for: Travel, technology or automobile adverts, corporate presentations, uplifting videos, films, After Effects projects, photography slideshows, just to name a few!

Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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Check out this great VideoHive preview by Irina Zen featuring ‘Sailing to Jupiter’

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