No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Hi-gain rocking songs with all the distorted electric guitars, driven bass, upbeat and punchy drums spiced with a bit of electronics and orchestras!

Great for any of yours action videos, extreme sport shots, rocking movies, video cards and many more muoltimedia projects!

3 full hard rocking sogs. High quality .wav and .mp3 files incluided!

Punk Rock Mommy – 2:12 (0:00 – 2:12 – in Preview)

Join our Punk Rock family! Punk Rock Mommy is a hi gain driven song with electric guitars, bass, drums, distorted synth and brak beat loops as a drum support!

Perfect for your action sport videos, tv commercials, video games, sport events, openers, trailers and mayn more!

Hard Rocking Beast – 2:10 (2:12 – 4:22 – in Preview)

Song full of energy with all the hasrd rock stuff – smashing guitars, bass, drums and also some synths!

Great for your action sports videos, openings, advertising, commercials and many more!

The Drive – 2:06 (4:22 – 6:30 – in Preview)

Punk Rock song full of energy, electric guitars, bass, full strings staccato orchestra, brass orchestra and upbeat drums.

Perfect for any of your commercial, extreme sports videos, movies, video games, openers, trailers, presentations, home videos, kickstarter videos and many other rocking, grunge, distorted and driven multimedia projects!

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