A collection of 6 great rock tracks – loaded with emotion and energy. Pick them up in this pack and get 50% off price on individual track purchase.

All tracks come in high quality WAV and mp3 format.

1. Love Undying (2:35) Emotional power ballad that soars with love and passion. Uplifting and powerful classic rock with a strong melody and supercharged with emotion. Guitars, piano and rock percussion combine to create an ode to the love of your life. Builds in intensity towards the finale with guitar solo and more. Evokes the style of Coldplay.

2. Roadhouse Romance (2:23) @ 2:34 in preview. When a country boy meets a country girl. At least, my best guess. Classic blues guitar but in positive mode. Laid back and upbeat. Perfect for those wonderful moments that need some guitar infusion to help you get the girl.

3. Endless Horizons (2:08) @ 4:58 in preview. Upbeat corporate motivational track. Guitars and piano create a mood of success and positivity. For those who remember – a little bit of Bruce Hornsby 80s gold included…

4. Fun in the Sun (2:10) @ 7:04 in preview. Upbeat and happy guitar riffs over a solo synth lead. Joyous, happy and fun – this track will add a touch of hedonism to your project. Perfect for friends clowning around and having a great time. Noisy, raucous and loud.

5. Class Reunion (2:23) @ 9:15 in preview. Feel good rock/pop anthem. Has an warm 80s upbeat power ballad vibe. Joyous and celebratory – good times with old friends, past glories and other great moments.

6. Double Deuce (2:12) @ 11:38 in preview. Blues infused rock and roller – upbeat, catchy and fun. Perfect for bar room brawls, car chases and general fun. An upbeat country/western vibe throughout. You get two versions in the pack – one with Hammond organ lead and one without to help build and edit music underscore should the need arise on your production. Second version @ 13:51 in preview.