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Cool and nice! the sound ist perfect. Seems you understand your job.

minihase Purchased

THANK YOU ! 5* Great music.

Beautiful piece of piano man!!! good luck:)

its very,very nice

Magical and gentle music. Good.

Very nice ! keep up the good work my friend :)

So good, so nice…! :)

Howdy Steven,

I have just finished listening for the fourth time in a row (with a certain delight I might add) to this sparkling and well articulated piece of music that you made here. There is a lot of heart put into it.

I am writing you here serving a specific purpose. I pretty much have a question related to the” format” of this song.

Though you have specified you have recorded this song live on a graceful “D”, I was wondering if you ever worked on this piece digitally. I mean perhaps you may have made a MIDI track of this, that captures your personal intent that I feel through the track here, but digitally, like with Cubase and The Grand 2, Reason, etc.

The reason I am asking you this is because I am on the way to finally put the final touch to a 15+ years dream project, which is a subterranean extension to my house I realized with a particular attention to acoustic details. Despite not having enough money (and not the room specially made for) a Steinway D, I have put a Yamaha C3 with an integrated MIDI controller in it. It is hooked to an array of high profile audiophile grade speakers (B&W), passing through a very low latency system and The Grand 2 piano plugin, so I can hear both the natural sound of the piano and a “Diana Krall-like” studio sound through the speakers at the same time. It is a sort of workaround to get a correct (but not exact) impression to actually play with Chopin, for example. Although not finished yet, it is already the best piano moments I couldn’t even have imagined when playing in a full scale acoustic theater. Anyway, this was my dream setup and I am on the last steps before making it a personal achievement, so I am looking to buy the most beautiful pieces I have heard in my lifetime to crown this up and make myself a flavor while opening this well kept bottle.

If you sometimes, somehow, make a MIDI version of this song let me know your price. Should you ever feel embarrassed to sell it in another format, I would of course understand.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you.



Hi William,

I apologize for the late response. Audio Jungle doesn’t notify authors when they receive comments :\

Thanks for the kind words! I wrote Ripple in the Pond many years ago, originally on a keyboard, but have edited and re-recorded it several times since then. My favorite performance of this piece is here, in a concert hall on a Steinway D. The hall ambience truly captures the beauty of the piece.

That’s an impressive setup! I’m sure you have a very unique sound in there.

Although I’ve recorded this piece numerous times, I don’t have a MIDI or sheet music for it. Are you interested in playing the piece yourself? Or do you want your piano to play it for you using your MIDI controller?