This is a performance of the original instrumental composition!

Updated (19/8/2014):
Two (2) versions are included at 3 different tempi now instead of just one (150 bpm, plus 165 bpm and 180 bpm):

165 bpm - Long version:     0.00 in preview (duration: 4:18)
165 bpm - Short version:    4.18 in preview (duration: 1:44)
180 bpm - Long version:     6.03 in preview (duration: 3:57)
150 bpm - Long version:    10.00 in preview (duration: 4:44)
150 bpm - Short version:   14.44 in preview (duration: 1:55)

Due to a limitation of Audiojungle that only 5 audio files (versions) are permitted the 2nd (short) version at 180 bpm is excluded. However, if you need this version or any other version at some other tempo please contact me as it’s mentioned below in ‘Customizations’ section.

For any performance changes, tempo modifications, arrangement alterations, etc. please contact me…

Made with Reason and Cubase and the Source files are available. Contact me for more.

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