This package includes 3 tracks based on progress and movement only forward to the purpose. Beautiful melodies of a piano and bass parties are emphasized with excellent drum parties. Find for them worthy application!

List of compositions: Track time

  • 01. Charge (5:21) 0:00 – 5:18

  • 02. Eminence (5:22) 5:18 – 10:38

  • 03. Rising (5:27) 10:39 – 16:06


    Melody which gives a cheerfulness charge! Causes feelings of pleasure, there is a wish to move and never to stop! ! ! Positive, happiness and desire to live!


    Lifting on the top of human opportunities. Overcoming of all difficulties and burdens of life! Thanks to a beautiful melody which is emphasized so well by a piano and all atmosphere of a track.


    The beginning of new day and new life with the first beams of the sun. The beauty of dawn is transferred by gentle sounds of a piano and being accompanied a soft bass. The beautiful atmospheric line gives all feeling of pleasure and happiness.

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