Powerful Hop Pack – 4 powerful Hip-Hop instrumentals for your lyrics/rapping for half price in this pack. Only on Audiojungle!!!

The Main File Include (Wav-Mp3):

1. Killing My Brain - 3:00 (83 bpm)
Modern sounding Hip Hop track with strings, choir vocals and powerful drums. Ideal for your website or in advertising etc.
2. Funtastic Organ Beat - 1:27 (96 bpm)
Modern hip hop beat in playful rhythm and powerful organ. Ideal for background and rapping…
3. Brave Heart - 3:56 (88 bpm)
Listen to your heart, even when the hardest…
4. Dark Night - 4:24 (84 bpm)
In this composition is dominated by the piano, whose melodies creates an atmosphere of horror. Emotional impact is an intensive, and contributing sublime emotions which reflect man’s inner struggle. Violins come in this context as a means of breaking the monotony, and increasing dramatic tension.

Each track can be purchased separately, or the whole package for half price! :)

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Thanks for purchasing and rating! :)
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