Powerful Dr. T.R.A.S.H. Pack – Ten minutes of powerful action!!! These 5 songs have a lot of similarities with each other. They are all full of energy and they are made with a mixture of different musical styles (Electronic, Rock, Funk…). Each of them has its own story, but together, this make one powerful package, ideal for your projects! :)

The Main File Include (Wav-Mp3):

1. Dr. T. - 1:57 (155 bpm)
Unusually dynamic compositions suitable for advertising material or chaotic scene in the film that requires coverage briskly music. Reveals a picture of chaos with a dose of humor. Dramatic tension is constant, but…
2. Dr. R. - 2:17 (133 bpm)
Energetic and powerful song with heavy guitar riffs and massive bass drum. Perfect for action scenes, car chases, games …
3. Dr. A. - 1:49 (102 bpm)
Positive and rhythmical song, perfect for any corporate website, business presentation, or any other project that could use a motivational piece of music in order to send out a positive, and moving message such as a commercial, advertisement, short film, documentary, video game, etc..
4. Dr. S. - 2:16 (123 bpm)
Energetic compositions with dirty epic drums, distortion guitars, synthesizers, powerful bass and violins. Ideal for all types of action scenes!
5. Dr. H. - 1:44 (94 bpm)
Powerful song with heavy guitar riffs and live drum. Perfect for action movie scenes, car chases, games…

Each track can be purchased separately, or the whole package for half price! :)

Thanks for purchasing and rating! :)
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