Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & Circumstance
(March No.1)

A faithful recreation of the original works composed by Edward Elgar in 1901.

This is an original sound recording/reconstruction – the full 7-minute composition reconstructed and performed from the original 1901 Score written by Elgar which is now in Public Domain.

It contains the refrain to, what is now commonly known as ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ – a very English anthem.

Built using tyne orchestral sections specified by Elgar, this composition contains:

• Full real-time dynamic tempo changes
• Full string section (2xViolin, 2x Viola, 1xCello 1xContrabass)
• Full wind section (2x Piccolos, 2x flutes, 1xCor Anglais 2xClarinet, 1xBass
• Clarinet, 2xOboes, , 1xBassoon, 1xContrabassoon)
• Full Horn Section (2x French Horn, 1xCornet, 3xTrumbones, 2xTrumpet, 2xTuba
• Full Symphony Harp
• Orchestral Timpani (x2)
• Orchestral Percussion, (bass drum, cymbals, triangle, side drum, jingles)

In addition for my unique version of this composition, i’ve added:

• 12-piece boys choir (gently humming ‘mmmms’ on the main refrain)
• Heavenly Tubular Bells (towards the climactic end)
• U.S style Millitary Piccolo and military Snare Marches

Unlike other commercially released sound recordings of this song, this particular version, should you choose to purchase it is ROYALTY FREE – which means you can use this particular recording in any media you wish, for as many times as you wish.

Recorded in pristine 16 bit, 44.1khz digital audio, and .mp3 at 320k bit rate

Thanks four listening. If you like, feel free to make a comment or vote. Really appreciated

Best Regards