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Note: This track used to be called Happy Advertising Jingle.

A simple piano-based commercial jingle to lighten even the darkest mood. This track features a strategic break / pause in the music at 0:11 to strengthen any visuals you may have, like a logo reveal or similar.

This jingle is simple in nature with a happy piano along with finger snaps, glockenspiel bells, soft drums and a shaker.

Brings a smile to your face and is perfect for adding a speaking voice on top. Fits corporate use, or a project aimed at kids / children.

You get three versions of this track:

1. Original Version – Full version with glockenspiel melody.

2. Piano Melody Version – Same as full version but the melody is played on piano instead, to sit a bit more in the background.

3. No Melody Version – The melody is completely removed here so that the track works perfectly as an underscore without high pitch elements.

1. Original Version (1:36) - 0:00-1:36 in preview
2. Piano Melody Version (1:36) - 1:36-3:12 in preview
3. No Melody Version (1:36) - 3:12-4:48 in preview

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