Discussion on Pitzi (by quickyboy)

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Awesome track mate…

This might be corny to add as a comment, but here’s what this brought to my mind while listening to it :

Did you ever wonder what,
It felt like when the rain
Started pouring onto that child,
You’ve left stranded – streetlight
Blaring wet street drums cascading,
Soft tears rapids on his forehead,
Dreams rapidly fading, the moonlight,
His only companion and friend,
Life just began, marching towards end…
Feeling sad much? I’ve only started,
The story of this malfunction,
That ended up conjuring up ideals,
Sustained by the word father,
Something he never knew existed…
His only savior, adoptive mother,
Drank enough to feed the dry crops for months,
Yet still listened to his sad sobs,
And gave him a hope, a glimpse of resistance
Decadence surrounded him since day one,
And now, he’s 24, all days have passed, he could but remember that one…

When you’ve left him stranded, streetlight, blaring wet street drums cascading, soft tears rapids on his forhead. Dreams rapidly fading, the moonlight, his only companion and friend. Now he’s smiling alone in the middle of the same street’s end, it’s raining… again.


What a great song!!!! Congratulations!! It fits perfect in our presentations!