Phone Ring-Tones by DJNick / DeeTronic

• Work done in Renoise music tracker [www.renoise.com]

• All sounds, samples and vst instruments were played by me. Voice by my female friend Yekke.

• Archive includes:

- WAVs-44.1khz directory with: - djnick-RingTones-all.wav – 0:14 min file with samples inside: 00:00 – 00:04 – You Have New Call ringtone 00:04 – 00:08 – You Have New Message ringtone 00:08 – 00:12 – Single played ringtone without voice 00:12 – 00:14 – Single played ringtone without voice

- djnick-RingTones-YouHaveNewCall.wav

- djnick-RingTones-YouHaveNewMessage.wav

- djnick-RingTones-Call.wav

- djnick-RingTones-Message.wav

- MP3 -128KBPS directory with all files from WAV directory but all encoded to 128kbps separate files.

- MP3 -320KBPS directory with all files from WAV directory but all encoded to 320kbps separate files.

- this ReadMe.txt file

• All .WAV files in the archive has beat markers so samples can be perfectly cutted with just a simple doubleclick on sample wave between markers in, for example, WaveLab audio editor or other audio editing programs.

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• e-mail: djnykk@gmail.com

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