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great track, solid energy, builds, perfect to go with rake trailer… thanks!

Always nice to receive positive feedback. :-) I’m glad you like it.

This is a great track for trailers. I’ve proven it by making one heh. Buy it! The music track that is. :)

Powerful! Great track, Marko. And congrats for being featured… :)

Thanks for the compliments – and the congrats. I really appreciate it. :-)

Great job

uh can you make the ending blend with the beginning for a better loop

btw awesome track


Thank you for the purchase and the feedback. I’m glad you like the track. :-)


Sure, I’ll see what I can come up with for a loopable version – maybe even in a construction set fashion where you can easily edit the individual parts to the desired length?!?

Any special requests, feel free to contact me via the contact form at: http://www.audiojungle.net/user/ma9sharp11

And thanks as well for the compliment. :-)

Incredible piece. I am greatful for Marko’s works. I have asked him to modify On The Run for a specific purpose, his work was wonderful and the delivery was on time.

The whole project turned out an example of wonders.

—Thanks again Marko!