Number 1 Pop Hits Music Pack

 photo AJINTROTEXTradiocopyFIXED_zps7d3a6cbf.png “The Number 1 Pop Hits Music Pack” is a collection of 5 tracks that are all radio friendly and sound like todays pop hits. These songs will work great with so many projects including; commercials, advertising campaigns, promos, fashion, movies, tv, youtube videos, websites and much more! Save $$$ now and purchase my Number 1 Pop Hits Music Pack! Instruments: Guitar, Electric Piano, Bass, Organ, Hand Claps, Drums, Vocals, synths

Sounds Like: Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry & Rick Astley

Files included in the zip:
Diddy Da Di Da Song (2:36) WAV & MP3
Disco (3:02) WAV & MP3
Fun And More Fun (2:30) WAV & MP3
Running for Success (2:45) WAV & MP3
Tokyo Sensation (2:45) WAV & MP3

For added flexibility the instrumental version of “Diddy Da Di Da Song” is also included with your purchase.

Thanks for purchasing and please remember to rate :)

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