Nice Day For Success

Item description

This is the melody of success! Uplifting chords of an acoustic guitar, bells and groovy rhythm are well fit to any motivational and positive content.

Please note, that purchased package includes 4 versions of the track in wav and mp3 formats, which you can listen one after the other in the preview track:
1. Full version – 2:32 (0 – 2:32);
2. Looped version without bells – 0:43 (2:32 – 3:16);
3. Looped version without drums – 0:43 (3:16 – 4:01)
4. Looped version – 0:43 (4:01 – 4:45)

VideoHive and ActiveDen Authors

And also for all who are interested in using the preview track. You may use this preview track as you like, just let me know so I can put a link to your project from my portfolio and have put the same link into the description of the track. And sure I will be very grateful for the link to my track, that used in your project.
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  Successful, Bright, Positive, Motivational, Uplifting, Happy, Light, etc.   Background  Corporate  Radio, TV, Ads
  Pop  Acoustic guitar

About the author

I make music for about ten years, nearly seven years it was just a hobby . But in 2010, I signed my first contract with an advertising company, and since then I have been producing royalty free music. In March of 2013 I began to write exclusively for Audiojungle.

    Cinematic    Dubstep    Trance, House, Dance, etc.    Pop

    Successful, Bright, Positive, Motivational, Uplifting, Happy, Light, etc.    Groovy, Driving, Energetic    Dramatic

 Instruments and sounds
    Acoustic guitar    Bells       Orchestra
    Piano    Synth    Wobble bass

    Background    Club music    Corporate    Movie
    Radio, TV, Ads    Sports    Youth