Upbeat, positive and elegant corporate track that will beautifully enhance your presentations, videos and advertisements.

The track is based on a very simple, bouncy piano theme expressing a positive attitude. It builds up with a relaxed whistling melody and a powerful chorus that provide the emotional development around the main theme.

The lead instruments are accompanied with acoustic guitar, ukulele, synth pads, bass, drums and a bit of clapping.

This track is available in both MP3 and WAV formats, and in two edit cuts: with ending and loopable. There is no faded out version this time because it didn’t suit to this track’s ending. The archive contains following files:

2:32 – NataliesSmile_ending.mp3
2:32 – NataliesSmile_ending.wav
2:30 – NataliesSmile_loop.mp3
2:30 – NataliesSmile_loop.wav

This track is also available at a lower price in this music pack:
- Corporate Background Pack

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