Here is a one adrenaline pumping track for your project. Fits perfectly with fast paste motor sports like Formula 1, Moto GP and others. This high energy almost rave like tune is driven by a hard pounding beat and very well established Roland TB-303 acid synth sound. It is legendary and very recognisable, and it will make your project really stand out. Plus it is seamlessly looped.

Zip contains:
Moto_Gp_303 (Full Length) - 2:03
Moto_GP_303 (30 Sek) - 0:32

Delivered in both wav and mp3 format.

 photo best-sellers5_zps1299ceb1.png

1. Motivate Me
2. Skynet Particles Logo
3. Morale Lift
4. Fashion Show Disco Bus
5. New Day
6. Crystal Timelapse
7. Future Tech Talk
8. Troytek
9. Hip Hop Beat 2