Motivational Music Pack

Motivational Music Pack

Enjoy this uplifting and purely motivational pack of positive tunes.

It consists out of 4 of my best selling tracks.
They can be previewed or bought individually by clicking on the links below:

1. New Day Duration 04:34

Happy, cheerful, quirky

This positive tune is like a breath of fresh air, taking the listener on an energetic journey, making us forget about the past and aim for the future. It motivates and encourages to be proactive and ready to make the first step.

New_Day_Ver1_Looped – 4:31
New_Day_Ver1_With_Tail – 4:34
New_Day_Ver2_Looped – 04:38
New_Day_Ver2_With_Tail – 04:41

2. Motivate Me Duration 04:04

motivational, hopeful, charismatic

Track inspired by the legendary group U2. It features fast attacking bass, delayed electric guitar, piano and rock drums. It fits any corporate themed project and more.

Motivate_Me_Looped – 03:46
Motivate_Me_With_Tail – 04:04

3. Crystal Timelapse Duration 04:26

motivational, inspirational, strong

This timeless track gives deep sense of security and motivation. Its ideal for time-lapse videos and not only. Its a great combination of echo percussion, delay piano, deep synth mid and bass all in a bit of vintage and retro spice.

Crystal_Timelapse_Looped – 02:08
Crystal Timelapse_With Tail – 02:18

4. Morale Lift Duration 03:33

successful, uplifting, bright

Inspired by Daft Punks new album. It is an uplifting and purely motivational track, with fast attacking bass, delayed electric guitars, piano, synths and sub heavy beat.

Morale_Lift_Ver1_Looped - 3:30
Morale_Lift_Ver1 - 3:34
Morale_Lift_Ver2_Looped - 3:30
Morale_Lift_Ver2 - 3:34
All delivered in wav and mp3 format.