Modern Technology Logo Pack

A powerful pack of modern electronic audio logos, filled with high tech beats and memorable melodies, and combining audio elements suitable for video intros and logo idents. Purchase includes:
  1. Digital Formations Logo
    • Digital Formations Logo (original), 0:14
    • Digital Formations Logo (cut 1), 0:10
    • Digital Formations Logo (cut 2), 0:06
  2. Digital Heart Beat Logo
    • digital heart beat logo – original mix, 0:13
    • digital heart logo – alternative mix, 0:13
    • digital heart logo – edit 1, 0:11
    • digital heart logo – edit 2, 0:09
  3. Elements Logo
    • Elements Logo (original version) 0:18
    • Elements Logo (short version) 0:12

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To Buyers:

Thanks for the support! Please feel free to share your projects with me, I would be really interested in seeing how my music was used. If you need any edits, rearrangements to songs, different orchestrations or anything custom of that sort, e-mail me through the profile’s contact form.

Videohive authors are more than welcome to use my audio in their productions. Please e-mail me so that I can update this description with your project’s link.