Misty Dawn

This music pictures us a wide, deep atmosphere and large-scale scene of events that are going on in some fantastic and mystic place, which seems nice, but obviously is fraught with danger. Not the safest place in this world, to say you the truth.
The story opens in an early and misty morning, supposedly in mountains. After the first part the mood is changing and some action begins. What happens next? Is it a battle, or just some exciting and hazardous journey starts? Tell us your own epic saga.

The track features ambient pads and effects for rich soundscape, plucked instruments, flute and other woodwinds, dramatic strings and war drums. Suitable for epic, adventurous games, trailers and other video projects.
For your convenience the item includes two versions:
  • Misty Dawn Intro – 1 min 30 sec
    Use it as a main theme, for example. It’s just the first part of a full version with insignificant changes, so it’s not included in the preview.
  • Misty Dawn Full – 3 min 38 sec
    Additionally can be used as a backgound music in credits (final titles). In the preview you’re listening to this track.
Mp3-versions are included.

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done for free.

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