Note: This item is included with four others in the Menu Navigation Mega Pack II. Further information about each item can be found in the links listed on that page.


“Menu Navigation Pack X” is a collection of eight matching samples covering most basic menu interfaces interactions. This set of uses off-balance, clumsy digital tonal sounds.

Each sample manages to be both artificial and silly at the same time. They would be useful for projects working with science-fiction or technology themes that are looking for friendly, robot-like sounds to integrate with a user interface. Suggested assignments for each sample can be found in the track list below.

The tracks and their duration are listed here in the order they play in the preview above:

  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_01_Move_Forward – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_02_Move_Backward – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_03_Setting_Toggle – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_04_Accept_Changes – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_05_Decline_Changes – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_06_Error_Notice – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_07_Menu_Open – (0:01)
  • Menu_Nav_Pack_10_08_Menu_Close – (0:01)
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