You get 2x different intros, outro that could be used as intro too and the main body of the track. It all comes in 2x main files. The product is balanced and mastered for broadcast and will work perfectly as background music for your project.

Give your project a futuristic touch with this deep and high tech sounding track. Its electronic elements fit perfectly with the likes of popular TV tech programs like Mega Factories or How Its Made.

Zip contains:
Mega_Factory_Tech_2 (Full Length) - 2:17
Mega_Factory_Tech_2 (Alternative Intro) - 2:17

Delivered in both wav and mp3 format.

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1. Motivate Me
2. Skynet Particles Logo
3. Morale Lift
4. Fashion Show Disco Bus
5. New Day
6. Crystal Timelapse
7. Future Tech Talk
8. Troytek
9. Hip Hop Beat 2