Use this pack for anything to do with robotics, moving parts of robots and machines that have hydraulics mechanisms. Check out my sounds for more of those. There is another pack, smaller than this that I have on sale. Have a listen.

Zip contains:
Mechanical_Servo_Element_01 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_02 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_03 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_04 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_05 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_06 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_07 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_08 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_09 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_10 - 0:01
Mechanical_Servo_Element_11 - 0:01

Delivered in both wav and mp3 format.

Please rate if you like it  photo rating_zps1ecd9d32.png It helps me a lot to sell more items but most importantly gives me motivation to keep on making new sounds for you guys! If you need help or support just contact me.

Thanks!!! :)

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