Included are five songs great for advertising projects!

  • Whistle While You Network (0:48)
  • Ahead of the Market (0:48)
  • Indie Guitar Buildup 1 (0:53)
  • Curious Inspirations (with bass) (2:58)
  • Epicorp (2:49)

  • Whistle While You Network

    A short, less than a minute, whistle and ukulele-driven ad piece. Perfect for that project needing an upbeat and inspiring song!

    Ahead of the Market

    A short, less than a minute, guitar-driven ad piece. Perfect for projects needing exciting and inspiring music!

    Indie Guitar Buildup 1

    A short, less than a minute, guitar-driven, ad piece. Perfect for projects needing an inspiring song! Also included is a “No Lead” version, in case of voice-over clashing with the higher guitar.

    Curious Inspirations

    This acoustic guitar piece starts out with two finger picked guitars with almost melancholy feelings, then quickly picks up feeling more light, certain and bold. With every phrase more instrumentation is added including more acoustic guitars, a shaker, and a bass guitar.


    An indie-rock take on the “corporate” genre. Lots of electric guitars with that “ambient-style” delay, and those big epic drums you love. If you’re going to go corporate, why not make it epic? Hence the title of the song.

    If you use any of these songs in your project, please leave a comment with the link. I would love to promote you!

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