Here is the full length positive and happy song with male vocals. The lyrics are really generic and could match any corporate video, or TV advert, holiday, commercial. The song transmits beauty and lifestyle. Features acoustic guitar, orchestral string section, small bells. Synths and electronic drums are also added to give the song more contemporary and modern sound / feel..

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I’m in a good mood
I’m walking down the street
Don’t need to be rude
I am! With my bare feet

Tomorrow (it must be)
Will be a perfect day
The sky will be blue
Sun is yellow by the way

It’s a lovely morning
I’m feeling blessed
The sun is warming
The birds are making nest
It’s such a lovely morning
It’s such a lovely morning

I’m hoping to meet
The woman of my heart
I think she’ll be sweet
If not, we’ll come apart

You need to know the game
And play the right cards
Your neighbor is not to blame
Give him my best regards


To get to the hall of fame
You need to past the guards
Follow me and do the same
I know what goals to aim


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