Logo & Ident Package 1

A music pack with logos and ident totaling up to 3 minutes, comprising of 10 logos/idents music pieces in various styles. With this pack, be sure to tackle on any type of sound or song emotions you will need! You’ll hear a vast range of musical styles in this pack from piano inspired pieces to classical pieces and electronic dark bassy music.


Track 1 – Blue Glitter Logo 0:21
Blue Glitter is a smooth and perky sounding logo that would make your video or project stand out and speak for itself. It’s happy tune suggest positive and strong elements. There is also a second version of this logo included which has an additional heavy beat rhythm to drive the music.
Track 2 – Dark Bassy Ident 0:11
This electronic inspired ident would be great for technology and futuristic styled multimedias.
Track 3 – Something New Ident 0:11
The title speaks for itself. Need something new sounding to introduce something totally modern and contemporary? Something New ident is for you!
Track 4 – Serious Piano Logo 0:13
Solemn and serious. This music is good if you want to bring out stern and thoughtful emotions for your audiences.
Track 5 – Organic Glide Logo 0:09
Fresh and calm sounding logo music with a lead gliding sound that gives it a uniqueness. It’s time to make your projects sound unique with this music logo!
Track 6 – Positive Rock Logo 0:20
Wake your audiences and viewers up. This rocky music is meant for toughness and the cool factor. Think of this music as an introduction to something really really cool and hot.
Track 7 – Piano Orchestral Logo 0:21
Smooth strings, piano and a couple of orchestral instruments made this music whole. Something magical and exciting is about to come.
Track 8 – String Orchestra Logo 0:22
A grand opening with a near epic orchestra with loads of strings. Strong percussions also accompany this music to give it that epic punch.
Track 9 – Lazy Sunday Ident 0:12
A relaxed country styled ident. It’s a lazy day and it’s time to relax. You’ll hear the dobro guitar with some slides as the main lead in this piece.
Track 10 – Strings In Minor 0:10
There are not many minor ident or logo music around so this one is a minor inspired piece. Need that serious and downcast music sometimes for projects that calls for it? This one is a minor piece for you.