Loaded With Emotions

let your work connect with the hearts and minds of your visitors with royalty free music ‘Loaded With Emotions’ is an emotional sounding pop song with an oriented R&B beat. The track is composed and produced especially for singers and songwriters, but would work also particularly well in conjunction with videos, slideshows or cinematic projects that are carrying emotional loaded stories or memories. Bring your story to life with this highly professional piece of emotional music and let your work connect with your audience.

emotionally pop r&b song
  • Loaded With Emotions – MP3 (3:38)
  • Loaded With Emotions – WAV (3:38)
extra emotional looped audio versions for all royalty free music projects
  • Loaded With Emotions (Looped Audio) – MP3 (0:21)
  • Loaded With Emotions (Looped Audio) – WAV (0:21)

NOTE: All audio files are high-end composed and produced with in mind to use them as (background) music for Videos, Websites, Apps, Commercials, Games, Artists performances and Cinematic projects. The download also includes an extra looped audio version of this track which will properly fit into every project.

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