Live Psycho Style Horror String FX

Live Psycho Style Horror String FX

Photobucket This is a collection of aleatoric string FX that I recorded live of the floor with 12 excellent violinists. These are suitable for video games, films or trailers as stings, transitions or impacts. These could also be used as source material for ambient sound design or could be loaded into a sampler and used as instruments for original music. Definitely geared towards the horror genre but also suitable for a dark film noir twist to any other form of media.

In the preview you will hear every sound in the pack which contains 25 original aleatoric ideas ranging from glissandi to variable clusters.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

When you purchase this you will receive.

A String Gliss 0:02
Big Cluster Tremolo Gliss 0:12
Big Cluster 0:13
Big Upwards Gliss 0:03
Bowing Behind Bridge 0:16
Cluster Gliss 0:06
Cluster Vibrato Gliss 2 0:11
Cluster Vibrato Gliss 0:09
D String Gliss 0:02
E and A String Gliss 0:02
E String Gliss 0:02
G String Harmonic Gliss 0:04
Half Step Cluster A to D 0 :12
Half Step Cluster B to E 0 :12
Half Step Cluster E to A 0 :12
Half Step Cluster F# to B 0 :12
Half Step Cluster High 0:12
Half Step Harmonics 0:08
Harmonic Quadruple Stop 0:10
Random Bowing Behind Bridge 0:18
Random Harmonic Gliss 0:16
Random Whole Tone Pizz 0:13
Variable Gliss 2 0:15
Variable Gliss 0:05
Whole Step Harmonics 0:08