Live Crazy

Live Crazy

We deleted our inventory because of Envato’s “Spirit” day and their support for the lgbt lifestyle. As Christians we don’t want to be part of this company anymore. Unfortunately we won the Dubstep competition with this song and the winner had to agree to have the winning track 2 years online on AudioJungle. If you bought one of our other tracks and need to download it again, feel free to contact us, we will gladly send it to you free of charge.


A very warm welcome to our exclusive content at AudioJungle!

With over 20 releases on international EDM labels and almost half a decade of radio hosting experience our aim is to produce unique, powerful and uplifting music at the highest quality standards.

We offer a wide spectrum of Electronic Dance Music – perfect for your current advertising campaign, your upcoming YouTube video hit or a promotional teaser or trailer for the next big room/festival event.

If you have any questions or need a special edit for your project, feel free to contact us!
Purchased files can be provided in over 20 formats up to 192kHz.
We work in an Avid Pro Tools environment and speak English, Spanish and German.

This is a Vocal EDM Tune with killer basslines, awesome drums and up to date club sounds! Perfect for every modern project and the upcoming Festival Season.
The track was made with a lead singer of a rock band in the States.
Her band has opened up for Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World and performed on NBC.

Package includes now the instrumental version and a 8 and 38 Bar perfect loop (0:15 & 1:11).
The edits loop seamlessly and can be used for shorter projects and fades.
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Track A: Original Vocal Mix 3:12 MP3
Track B: Original Vocal Mix 3:12 WAV
Track C: Instrumental Mix 3:12 WAV
Track D: Loop 1 (38 Bars) 1:11 WAV
Track E: Loop 2 (8 Bars) 0:15 WAV

Please be considerate of your neighbors. Thank you!
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Use Restrictions:
Use in pornographic, x-rated, sexually stimulating or similar productions prohibited.
Use in products or commercial advocating or advertising use of illegal drugs prohibited.
Use in satan-worship, devil worship, anti-christian or similar extreme productions prohibited.
Use in products or productions advocating racial discrimination or bias prohibited.

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We would be very happy if you would find some time to check out one of this cool sites and maybe to settle back and watch some life-changing messages :D. Thanks so much and a lot of success with your projects!

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