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Tim I love your music! Man you rock….nice vid btw…

I will always suggest that you include here in the discussion section the lyrics of your songs. Usually helps to bring creative ideas of where can a buyer use your music.

I have a friend who is fabulous singer from LA, USA and I’m working with her on animating their lyrics for her concerts. Recently one of her songs was chosen by Chevrolet to made a commercial.

Check the song I’m animating herehere (no intention to promote anything)

My prayer is God will prosper you more and more abundantly in everything you do. I’m a fan of your music. Any albums on itunes?


Hey Daniel,

Thanks so much :) – awesome suggestion actually, I will start to include lyrics in the descriptions for the songs that have them :)

Checked out the song, and that is right up my alley really! I’m involved in a lot of gospel projects and music, being a Christian, and perform sometimes with the band the Elisha Project http://www.myspace.com/elishaproject though right now we are deciding exactly what direction we are planning to go.

As for an album, to be perfectly honest, I am not sure what move I am going to make right now. Prayerfully considering which move to make and when, if you get me.

Thanks for the kind words – I will say this much, this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come!

lovely song. I like it so much. Really congrats !


Thanks so much!! :) I appreciate it!

Such a good song, I love it! You should release a CD.


Thanks Adrien :) No official word on the CD, but it may be in the works in the future ;)

I learned about Israel Kamakawiwo?ole today, and then I land on your song. It sounded a lot Hawaiian. Good song, inspiring in a way or two.


Hey scriptonomy,


He’s awesome for sure….to bad he’s gone now….don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top somewhere over the rainbow….not sure if anyone will!


this song is so great, I can’t explain.

My mood is better now :)


Hey boee,

Thanks!! :) If your mood is better my mission is accomplished! Thanks for listening!

Such a great song!! Would definitely buy a CD if you had one :)


Thanks very much!!! – I will have various songs coming to itunes over this year I believe, maybe even an album :)

Come on Tim – once again great song :-)

Keep going on – fantastic work! :-)


Thank you, and I will keep on for as long as I can :)

Hi Tim,

I love your songs and your work.

Live And Be Free is just amazing. I am a guitarist and I try to find chords. Am I right?

Capo 4

Verse :


Chorus :


Thanks and enjoy life :)


Hey man, thanks very much! :)

You almost got it, but the Capo is on the 5th fret, then the chords are:

C, E, Am, F, C, G

The verse and chorus use the same chords, but just variations of lengths ;)

Thanks again!

Hey Tim great song, I am a video editor and my clients love it, the only thing i want to ask, is there a possible to get the song with less instruments ? i love the beginning of it but than it become louder. please let me know thanks and again – amazing song !1


Hi there, thanks for your kind words! I’m very sorry but there is not another version of the song available with a simpler instrumentation for sale right now. Thanks!

Hi M8! Nice work! Now You can Check This ;)http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15rvr4_documentario-nomen-omen-movie-project_sport Thank You For Your Support!

for Live and Be Free.. does purchase include an instrumental version? (Nothing against the lyric, it’s just that someone will be talking over part of the track)


Hi there! For info on instrumental versions please see here: http://audiojungle.net/item/live-and-be-free/130976/support Thanks!

Beautiful work my friend!!!! Fantastic!!! ;)