Limitless - Loops

Limitless - Loops


A cutting edge technology, futuristic, and successful corporate electronic track featuring cold muted atmospheric synthesizers, groove oriented drums & bass, and highlights of clean electric guitar.

Electronic music that feels state of the art, fresh technology, cutting edge business, smart corporate planning, successful future, motivating, and intelligent product branding.

Instruments used are synthesizers, drums, bass, electric guitar, and a little bit of piano. The file includes a full version of song and it’s sections cut for looping.

Fits With These Projects

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Business Video Intros
  • Commercials
  • Tech Games
  • Clean Apps
  • Corporate Branding
  • Radio
  • Websites
  • Television
  • Medical and Science Scenes

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Envato Authors

Feel free to use any of my preview tracks for your projects, all I ask is that you provide a link to my track page. If you do use a preview please send me a message and I will provide a link to your project page.