“Lifting Motivational Piano” is a highly motivating and positive track that makes the listener feel better and better. It spreads a highly optimistic feeling of beeing successfull. Get unbeatable with that powerful song! Perfect to push your product, ad or video in a higher sphere! Of course also suitable for movies.
In the long version the intro starts with a nice piano arpeggio, it evolves with a shaker and soon with a powerful drum part supported by a electric bass. Additional there are staccato strings for a positive-dramatic feeling. A distorted electric guitar brings in even more power, before it gets to the reflective part with makes it very exciting before it comes to the absolute climax. It ends finally with the piano arpeggio like it started.
The short version starts with the piano and comes soon to the climax where it ends.

Included is one short and two long versions:

  • Lifting Motivational Piano long full version 2:30
  • Lifting Motivational Piano short version 0:30 in preview after 2:30
  • Lifting Motivational Piano long no guitars 2:30 (no electric guitars, less crowded) in preview after 3:01

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Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional versions. Small changes won’t cost you anything!

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