About this music pack.

A cheery, optimistic music pack consisting of four fantastically feel good songs. With over 7 minutes of upbeat, positive vibes, and more than double that length with included variations, this pack provides you with ultimate flexibility for your project, be it film, TV, commercial, corporate, or any other media. Grabbing these tracks as a bundle here saves you 50% over licensing the tracks individually!

Included Tracks.

This pack contains four unique songs, each one containing 4-5 variations of its own, such as seamlessly loopable versions and assorted durations (19 individual tracks altogether!). Here are the main songs in order of appearance in the audio preview:

  1. A Happy Clappy Day | 1:13 | 128 BPM | 4 Variations Included
    This carefree song features bouncy piano and a snappy, clappy rhythm. The song’s optimistic vibes are sure to leave you motivated and full of enthusiasm all day long!
  2. A Walk In The Park | 1:40 | 128 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This carefree song features bouncy piano and a happy whistled tune. The call and response style of the melody together with its easygoing rhythm give the song a very friendly, welcoming, and inclusive feel.
  3. A Smart Decision | 2:11 | 130 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This vibrant song features light, grooving piano with a spirited string section. Optimistic, thought provoking, with a hint of quirkiness, the song evokes images and feelings of curiosity, innovation, insight, and success. Bright electric guitar leads the full, driving chorus section.
  4. A Free Spirit | 2:21 | 120 BPM | 5 Variations Included
    This blast from the past features vintage instruments with catchy riffs and melodies throughout. The retro 60’s inspired feel lends a very friendly, welcoming, and carefree mood. Several dynamic changes give nice variation as the song progresses.

For more detailed information on the individual items and their included variations, feel free to follow the above links to the respective item pages. Each individual variation is its own separate audio file, included as both a full resolution WAV as well as a high quality MP3 for quick and easy use over the web and portable devices.

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and please feel free to contact me with any of your sound or music needs!