I just had to make this musical piece. Last St. Patrick’s Day, I was walking around downtown San Diego and saw a lot of people with leprechaun costumes on. I wanted to put my own little spin to the whole “Leprechaun” myth and offer up a new image:

Deep in the ghettos of Ireland’s Leprechaun community, there was a Leprechaun by the name of “Luckedd Out”. The two “d’s” symbolized his double-dose of game. He stays draped in gold. Not only does he have a pot of gold, he also sports 10 gold chains with big gold pendants, gold rings on every finger, shades with gold frames and gold glaze, gold cane, gold teeth and a gold shower cap…. oh, and a green fur coat. Sorry, PETA, Luckedd Out is way too deep in the streets to be worring about the green mice he had to skin to make the coat!

This piece would be good for any artistic experimentation. This musical piece would also be great for TV/film in expressing out-of-control fun! Viral videos, commercials with crazy dancing… etc. This piece can also be a backround song to any transitional scenes in reality shows possessing a young urban flare.

Instruments used:
  • live kicks
  • 808 drums
  • hand claps
  • crystal/layered hats
  • oscillated bass
  • tweaked synthesizer
  • horns
  • strings
  • various JQuinn layering

Instructions: Bring in the “Song/Track” into your project and you should be good to go.

Notes: If you need custom work done for this particular track or you have a whole new idea and want us to help you then feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you out.


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