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Amazing work!! Keep up, pink zebra!!

Thanks very much! :)

Hi, i need a voice bit – need a help from you… i need a voice portion without any music… i just need only the last line “You know you could”... only voice i need urgenty. please send wav to grapecreative@gmail.com

thanks a lot and expecting the last vocal line asap :)

wow thats so fast.. thanks for your speed :-)

You are welcome :)

Hello pinkzebra
wonderfulI music and great vocal ! i love this music and used in my project.

Thanks, Yaevien! Great project :) Thanks for using my song!

That’s just such an awesome track! Love it even more everytime I listen it :)

Thanks very much! :)

I just realized I wasn’t logged in when I sent in the question. I asked about Adrev. Thanks again.

edit: Actually, I don’t even see the question so in case it didn’t go through, I asked if you claim your music through Adrev. I ask before I buy from AudioJungle authors now because I know some do and I just don’t want to deal with 3rd party claims.

My music is not registered with AdRev at this time.

Awesome track. I love it! Really great job. Question though: is there a license to purchase that allows me use this for an intro/outro for my podcast series? I purchased the regular license and then realized the limitations :(

The Standard License allows you to use the song as a theme song in a podcast in a series of up to 52 episodes in a time span of 1 year. Thanks for purchasing a license :)

That’s perfect, thanks for letting me know! :) If I upgraded the license, would the number of episodes increase or is it always 52?

I believe you would need to purchase a new Standard License for the next 52 episodes.

one of the best i think :)

That’s very generous of you to say. Thanks very much! :)

Beautiful track !

Glad you like it! Thanks :)

Awesome Music man !

Hi man, awesome music !

after purchase, can I use it on youtube without any problems? I have a channel with nearly 20 million views. but as I am with machinima, all my videos are monetized.

so, after buying one of your compositions, I can use in my videos on youtube?

Thanks for your interest in my music. A Music Standard License is what you need for a monetized YouTube video. It’s a single-use license, so if you want to use the same music on 2 videos, you will need to purchase 2 licenses. Thanks and wishing you many happy views :)

HOLY MOLY!!! It is the best and my favourite music!!!! Zebra, you best!!! ! ! ! :DDD

Glad you really like it, Tiero! Thanks very much :)

Totally professional, totally inspiring, from lyrics to mastering – this song is perfect!

Thanks very much, Serj! :)

This my love song

Thanks! :)

The perfect song for a schoolmovie, tears and goosebumps, thats what we need ;-)

Thanks for making this great song.

Awesome, that’s great to hear! Glad my music worked well for you. Thanks for your kind comments :)

Awesome song! Bravo!

Thanks very much! :)

We took this track in our AJ Favourites Collection! :) Great job ;)

Hey, thanks very much! :)

Great song!

Thank you! :)

love it great work pinkzebra

Thanks very much! :)

very good vocals :)

Thanks! Benji’s awesome :)

Awesome ! Thank you very much :-)

Thanks for purchasing a license! Glad it worked for your project :)

wooww :) Nice work!

Thanks! :)