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A discounted pack featuring multiple tracks in this style.


An uplifting track that is influenced by so many different cultures and genres, including film music, Pacific tribal music, Carribean music and South African music.

I wanted to write something that expressed what it feels like to ‘create’ something, be it a drawing, a piece of music, or watching a seed that grows into a plant.

Many of the instruments in this track are ‘found’ instruments, that is instruments which are made out of objects that we see in everyday life. These include PVC pipes (which are tuned), and random kitchen objects to create some of the percussive backgrounds.

Other instruments include the bansuri (a bamboo flute from India) and a smaller bamboo flute from Japan which – when played in a certain way – makes remarkable overtones.

This of course is backed by the tribal voices and light orchestral string accompaniment that lie behind this track throughout.

The track itself opens with a female vocal chant – almost like a ‘call’ to pay attention. This is followed by a brief introduction with various percussion instruments and a string ostinato. The main hook or riff of the piece, played by a combination of marimba and xylophone enters at 0:26 in the piece. This is an idea that will be stated many times over. This idea continues until 1:05 – gradually growing and growing all the time.

At 1:05 there is a breakdown in the music where the strings play a mroe sustained accompaniment, while the bansuri plays a lyrical melody. This long section gradually works its way into something more active and dramatic at 1:43. The chanting then returns and gradually builds to 2:04.

At 2:04 the main idea is restated with a children’s choir in the background, and numerous additional instruments playing the melody. This idea is repeated until the very end as it gradually grows and grows to bring the piece to an epic close.

I hope you can find this track useful. While it draws on many influences, I wanted to write something that expresses joy, and I hope the organic and lively nature of this track fulfils that.


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A simple, catchy, upbeat track with a very memorable tune.